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Team Payments

Snack Tracker

Fundraising Tools

Custom backgrounds


Team Feed

  • The app.dashboard shows all items as they are added - never miss the latest changes.
  • Events in the next 7 days are displayed to show your week at a glance.
  • Quick access to coach and team manager contact information.


  • Add players, parents, coaches, and team managers. Email or hand out invite codes so everyone can join the team! For youth teams, parents can be invited and then add their kids, safely and securely.
  • Participate in multiple teams under one account. Customize your photo and details for each team individually, or use the same profile for every team.
  • Directly contact team members by text, phone, or private message.


  • Create an entire season schedule with games, practices and special events. Save locations and repeat events for fast, easy setup.
  • Map links and current weather conditions are automatically displayed.
  • Subscribe or download your team schedule to your personal calendar or on your mobile device.


  • Players, Parents, and Team Staff can mark their attendance for games and practices.
  • Quickly see total numbers of attendance to help plan for guest players or extra coaching help.
  • Send schedule reminders and information to groups based on their attendance status.

Emails & Announcements

  • Send mass emails to the whole team, just the parents, other coaches, or to individuals easily and quickly.
  • Post team announcements, ask questions, and start conversations for the whole team to see.

Text & Email Alerts

  • Send quick alerts to all team members by text and email, all in one click.

Forms, Docs, & Files

  • Upload documents, files, and forms in any format for download by your team.

Photo Albums

  • Shared photo albums let everyone on the team contribute and view pictures from team events.
  • Use the fun and easy photo editing options to add a creative touch to your team photos.

And much more...

  • Private messaging for communicating directly with teammates from within
  • MultiTeam Dashboard for users on more than one team, with combined calendar.
  • Public Team Page to share your roster, schedule, photos, and team bio and accomplishments with your fans.